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Injuries are an unfortunate reality when competing at a high level. Lets highlight some succinct research that has been put together specifically for tennis players in the hopes of making 2019 injury free!

1) Establish and maintain a basic fitness level

Continue to play tennis during the offseason 2-3 times a week and include basic strength and conditioning exercises in your weekly program.  This can should in include a mixture of core training, upper extremity and lower body work outs.

2) Minimize the week to week changes

Build up training load gradually and have a longer preparation period. For example, at the start of the season, when entering a new training program or returning from injury, it is important to ease into things to not overload the body.

3) Try to avoid PEAKS in load

This may be difficult as tennis is very unpredictable, but for example, think twice before signing up for both singles, doubles and mixed doubles playing.

4) Make sure to maintain a work-rest balance

Taper off your training leading up to a match or tournament. Be sure to schedule recovery taining the day after a tough match or the day after particularly hard training sessions. Be cautious playing in back to back tournaments without scheduling the appropriate rest.

5) Avoid big dips in your training loads – Be consistent with your loads

You should continue to exercise and train regularly during the holidays and winter period. When injured, try to continue some form cross-training. For example, a shoulder injury should not  stop you from cardio, core or foot work drills so continue to maintain your training with this.

6) Don’t overdo it!

There is a maximum that any athlete can handle. More than 3 matches a day or more than eight matches a week is a risk for any tennis player regardless of how well they are  trained, this number is lower for juniors..

Of course if injury strikes please seek treatment sooner rather than later – As always myself and the staff at OMNI are here to help with special priority appointments available to all ace high performance athletes.


Reference: Pluim BM, Drew M. Br J Sports Med 2018;52:1231
Reproduced with authors permission.

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