We treat amateur and high performance athletes.

An athlete's body faces different demands than the average patient. We know what it help athletes perform at their best.

Why Proper Sports Injury Rehabilitation Is Critical

Sports injuries are unique and the rehab that follows these injuries needs to be uniquely tailored as well.

A basketball player who suffers a knee injury will need to undergo a program that allows him to return to pivoting and jumping without any loss of performance. A hockey player with an ankle injury needs a program that considers the tremendous demand skating puts on the foot. Athletes need sports specific rehab!

The OMNI Difference

The Resources to Get Results

At OMNI Health and Rehab, we treat sports injuries while looking at the big picture. We take your goals into consideration as well as the physical demands of your unique position in the sport. We employ the latest research and return-to-play guidelines to ensure that you return as soon as possible with minimal risk of re-injury.

Our comprehensive sports rehab program includes physiotherapy, sports specific exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy. Our private rehabilitation studio will allow you to test your strength and simulate a return-to-play that allows us to monitor and assess your progress.

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