We are happy to announce the launch of our new website for our long standing concussion program in Burlington.

Burlington Concussion Clinic

Dr. Anil has long been involved with treating concussions in the local community, The concussion program focuses on a four pronged assessment looking at cervical dysfunction, vestibular disorders, oculomotor issues as well as physical fitness. Rehabilitation will be directed by ranking these four assessments as well as involving neurocognitive testing and other multi-modal tests to develop unique programs for each patient.

Cervical Spine:
Often (not always) with concussions there is a head impact. This will often (not always) lead to injury of the cervical spine and surrounding muscle, ligament and tendon. As a result the body will compensate in many different ways, putting stress through different tissues, resulting in headaches, dizziness and nausea. These symptoms are often contributing to a patients overall post concussion syndrome.

Vestibular System:
Balance issues often result form a concussion. Evaluation of your vestibular system can help reveal weaknesses/errors in your positioning sensors that if identified properly, rehab can often correct.

Visual tracking and processing are often altered in the post concussion population. Identifying these faults are crucial in recovery so that referral to the appropriate practitioner can be made and visual rehabilitation exercises started.

Long gone are the days of resting until you are better. Research shows that elevating your hear rate after an initial rest period will likely speed up recovery. An appropriate fitness test can help set a bench mark and design a unique exercise program for athletes to return to sport quicker.

The program focuses on sport related concussions but applies to the general population as well with guidance on return to sport, work and learn. visit www.burlingtonconcussionclinic.com to learn more.

Dr. Anil Kaushal

Dr. Anil Kaushal


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