Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or have suffered a sports injury, massage therapy at Burlington, Ontario clinics like the OMNI Health and Rehab Clinic can help greatly in your recovery. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of having a backrub or a foot rub will say that it is a pleasant experience, but this can be taken to another level by professional massage therapists. Massages offered by these experts, ranging from the relaxing Swedish massage to the pin-point trigger point massage that helps relax tight clumps of muscle fibers, can be quite therapeutic. In fact, there are several benefits to seeking massage therapy.

First, a massage can be a great pain reliever and this is possible as the circulation of blood in the muscles is improved. Muscle pain can be the result of injuries or bad posture, and properly circulating blood thanks to a massage helps in the healing process as well as supports proper lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic fluid drains away the waste products in the muscles, and note that the buildup of lymphatic fluid can cause problems like muscle swelling and worse. Effective lymph drainage ensures your body has a strong immune system, which is vital to your total and timely healing.

Second, a good massage can help with joint mobility. Your muscles automatically tighten around a painful or injured area. For those suffering from arthritis, this is usually around the joint. Tighter muscles mean your muscles won’t be able to move as much. A therapeutic massage should be able to release the tension and calm the nerves around the pained area. This results in less pain as well as a better range of movement.

Third, a massage loosens the muscles. A good massage therapist can help ease tight or strained muscles so that they can return to full functionality. In fact, people, especially runners or athletes who have mobility or joint problems, can significantly benefit from massage therapy paired with chiropractic services and orthotics in Burlington, Ontario.

Finally, massage therapy has mental benefits, too, wherein it triggers the release of endorphins into your system. As the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins also have the effect of improving your mood. Moreover, another person’s touch encourages the body to relax, calming you down and soothing away all the stress.

(Source: A few facts, benefits about massage therapy, U-T San Diego).

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