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It’s been a bad season for the Leafs so far. During their November 6 game against the Colorado Avalanche, winger Daniel Winnik landed on his neck, while defenseman Jake Gardiner was badly bruised after blocking a shot. Although the Leafs put up a great fight, they lost to the Avalanche, 3-4.

At least these guys had it easy. Three Leafs players have been hanging back for weeks due to cast injuries. Based on injury reports collated by, the Leafs should be back in full strength by the end of November. Only time can tell how well they’ll be able to play after weeks of inactivity.

Most Dangerous Game

Hockey isn’t called Canada’s most dangerous game for nothing. Slap shots can go well beyond 160 km/h, much like baseball pitches. Even with protective gear, a puck in the right place could end a hockey player’s career for good. If the sticks and swings won’t get you, then the fisticuffs probably will.

In 2011, the Canadian Institute for Health Information reported that hockey ranked third among the most common causes of injuries in winter. More than 1,100 hospitalizations were made that year. In pro hockey, players spent an average total of $218 million on injuries per season, from 2009 to 2011. A fifth of the cost was spent on treating concussions.

Don’t Let Them Down

Whether you’re playing in an amateur or pro league, injuries can affect your team’s performance overall. Aces getting injured are the last things hockey teams need. You need to get back on the rink as soon as possible by any means necessary. Massage therapy in Burlington, Ontario is a great start.

Registered massage therapists (RMTs) know various massage techniques like deep tissue and Swedish massages. Multiple sessions, along with weeks of taking it easy, can facilitate a rapid recovery. For players who savor the thrill of the sport but have been crippled by it, getting back to the action in full strength is all that matters.

RMTs from a place like Omni Health and Rehab Clinic also offer orthotics in Burlington, Ontario. Chiropodists or foot doctors can custom-make insoles and orthopedic footwear to support recovery from foot or leg injuries. They can design orthotics for virtually all occasions, including hockey. To be covered by insurance, chiropodists must first perform a full biomechanical examination.

If you believe you belong on the ice, then it’s up to you to recover fast enough to return.

(Source: “Leafs’ slow start and injuries set the tone in Colorado,” Hometown Hockey, November 7, 2014).

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