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With the daily strains experienced by our feet, the bones and other internal structures weaken faster through time, and occasional aches are soon felt.

Most Canadians apply foot support devices to prevent injuries and other related problems for the whole day or every time they do vigorous feet activities like running or walking.

Foot support devices, or foot orthotics, are generally classified based from their suppliers: shoe inserts found in retail stores and custom-made orthotics received from prescription. Insoles, heel liners, arch supports, and foot cushions are common shoe inserts quite effective in treating foot conditions like flat arches, and aches in both the foot and the leg. However, biomechanical and long-term problems are beyond their capabilities.

Meanwhile, custom-made orthotics in Burlington, Ontario are feet enhancers designed specifically for your feet. Manufacturing of prescribed orthotics only begin after the chiropodist performs a full assessment of your legs, ankles, and feet, for the instrument to match the structure of your feet.

The role of chiropodists

Chiropodists are medical practitioners that focus on diagnosis and management of ailments and conditions in the lower limb and extremities, including injuries, infections, and deformities. With knowledge in these areas, experienced chiropodists like those from Omni Health and Rehab Clinic may provide you with proper orthotic treatment to ensure effective results for your foot care.

The chiropodist will first assess your walk in order to determine the cause of your problem. If an issue is diagnosed, they will most likely recommend the use of appropriate shoe enhancing products to alleviate the discomfort. However, if there is something there, then rehabilitation to treat the trauma in the area will commence, including the treatment of any other damage, such as discolored toenails, and even cosmetic fixes like the removal of wart growth.

Prescribed orthotics

There are two types of prescribed orthotics: functional and accommodative orthotics.

Accommodative appliance has relatively softer cushioning features to cure severe calluses and foot ulcers. Meanwhile, a functional appliance is used to correct irregular movements caused by foot-related illnesses, which are mostly made from plastic or graphite

Other than tailored padding, specialists in a well-known Burlington foot clinic may also recommend the right kind of footwear and advise you on how to take good care of your feet.




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