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Back pain is one of the many joys of pregnancy.

Fortunately prenatal massage therapy can be a safe and effective strategy to help cope with pregnancy aches and pains.


To understand how prenatal massage therapy helps, it’s important to understand what causes your pain.  As you progress through your pregnancy, your uterus will expand and shift your centre of gravity. This movement changes the way force is distributed through your body when you walk, stand and sit, creating discomfort.  Additionally, your abdominal muscles are stretched and weakened, decreasing the stability of your spine.  Add in the extra weight you carry during pregnancy and you have the perfect scenario for back pain.

Not to further complicate the story, but when you are pregnant, the hormone changes in your body naturally “relax” your supporting ligaments and joints (particularly in the pelvis), leading to increased risk of injury.

At OMNI Health and Rehab, in Milton, our prenatal massage program takes out all the stress related to receiving treatment while pregnant. Rest assured that you are in good hands and will be getting safe and effective treatment.

Our prenatal massage program accommodates pregnant patients with specialized treatment plans that traditional treatments for regular patients cannot accommodate.  The main difference in treatment considers the patient position. There are certain positions that a pregnant patient cannot and should not be in. Traditional massage starts with the patient face down.  On the contrary, when working with pregnant patients, we would try to avoid this. However, when needed we have specially designed equipment and tables to safely accommodate this position without any pressure being placed directly on the stomach.  The opening on our tables is large enough to accommodate most pregnancies and has special cushions to prevent uncomfortable squishing of the breast tissue.

More and more research is unveiling the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy.  We are excited to offer prenatal massage in Milton. Pregnancy massage has been shown to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Increase mobility
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve mood of the mom to be (and therefore baby)
  • Decrease complications due to pregnancies
  • Alleviate tight trigger points caused by pregnancy.
  • Reduction of Swelling and Edema
  • Much more


If you are pregnant and looking for safe and effective relief from the associated aches, pains and tightness – call us today at 905-876-8885. We have female registered massage therapist specializing in  prenatal massage therapy who are ready to help you! We accept all major insurance and, in most cases, can bill directly

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