Lower back pain

Back pain is the worst! Treatment for back pain of course will vary on the specific cause of it, but here are some general tips you can try to help relieve back pain fast – Check out our top 4 stretches for acute lower back pain.

1) Child's Pose

2) Hip Flexor Stretch


Go into a forward right lunge. Lower your left knee keeping your hips tucked underneath you and glutes squeezed. Lift both arms into the air and bring your hips slightly forward. Hold for 30 seconds.


3) Pigeon Pose

Go onto all fours. Cross your right leg into your abdomen. Bring your entire spine towards the floor. Keep both your arms back or at your front. Hold for 30 seconds.




4) 90/90 Stretch

Lay on the floor on your back and cross your left ankle over your right knee. Grip the thigh on your right leg and pull the knee towards you, lifting the foot off the floor. Pull the knee further up to increase the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds and alternate sides. There you have it! Of course if any of these stretches for low back pain are painful for you, STOP! And remember that there is no universal stretch or exercise for lower back pain as it all depends on the cause of your particular pain. If you are experiencing back pain in Milton or Burlington be sure to consult the OMNI clinic to get to the root cause of the problem and design your specific treatment plan.

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