Our Aqua Therapy Program

Our rehabilitation clinic is integrated into Cedar Springs Health and Raquet Club in Burlington. We have 1500 sq. ft. of private clinic space that has direct/private access to an indoor aquatics centre. The aquatics centers contain 2 large heated pools plus an additional Jacuzzi pool. This layout gives us the ideal scenario to run an aquatics rehab program as we can combine both land based exercise, traditional physiotherapy/modalities and aqua in one session.

Aqua Therapy and Post Surgical Treatment

Post surgery rehabilitation is of paramount importance. After undergoing surgery muscle strength and co-ordination are usually compromised in and around the area that was operated on. The most frustrating part can be the waiting that is involved. Aqua-therapy can allow for a 2-4 week head start in rehabilitation as the buoyancy and low impact properties of water allow for safe early intervention. Working with the operated joint/muscles underwater provides an added layer of safety while still allowing for early strengthening and range of motion exercises.

Aqua Therapy and Sports Injury Rehab

Hydrotherapy is huge in the sports rehabilitation world. Nearly all professional sports team use the principles of water to allow low impact exercise and to alter exercise intensity. Increased buoyancy (opposite to gravity) allows for more exercise than is permitted on land. Sports specific drills can be given underwater to allow athletes to continue to maintain their skill set during injury recovery in a low impact environment. The natural resistance of the water can be used in many different ways to aid in training.

Aqua Therapy and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be frustrating for both patients and health care providers. Often traditional forms of treatment are not effective. This is where Aqua-Therapy can have great results!

Hydrostatic pressure is the force exerted on the immersed body by fluid molecules. No movement is necessary by the individual in order to reap the many benefits of hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure decreases pain and edema, which in turn increases range of motion. It also increases venous return and circulation by assisting the heart and decreasing blood pooling in extremities. Hydrostatic pressure can also dampen tactile sensory input to the brain. This is partly why the water is such a calming environment for most people. Individuals who have a negative response to touch are often able to tune out their surroundings and focus on being in the pool.

Aqua Therapy and Motor Vehicle Accident Rehab

Patients involved in motor vehicle collisions sometimes suffer multiple complex injuries. They can sustain fractures, head trauma and numerous soft tissue injuries. Aqua-therapy can be an excellent way to address multiple areas and re-gain basic mobility.

For complex cases we often combine Aqua-therapy with traditional physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture giving patients a complete rehabilitation program to help them get back to their regular life. Adding in water based exercises to their appointments gives the patient the best chance at a speedy recovery. For example a patient could begin a physiotherapy session with a modality for pain/inflammation control, work through some passive soft tissue stretching and then move into the pool to begin mobility/strength exercise. This type of program can be adapted to apply to athletes, seniors and chronic pain patients.

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