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Our clinic was built in response to the huge volume of back pain in the community and the generalized care that is being guided.  Pain medication, no precise diagnosis or generalized stretches are NOT the solutions. You need a specialist in lower back pain. You require a careful assessment. You require to know WHY your back hurts. 

There really isn't such a thing as non-specific lower back pain, your back is in pain for a reason, and our aim is to find that reason. Ideally, before the problem gets chronic. Here's how we do it..

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Our Process



Our process starts with a specific, accurate assessment of your back pain will help formulate the most beneficial strategy to manage it.


Your complete physical exam will be prescribed by the history and our experts will take you through a series of movement screens, positions and muscle tests to discover what hurts, where it hurts and why it hurts.


Our comprehensive assessment and physical exams have directed us to a precise diagnosis of YOUR back pain. Our approach is patient-specific and will include all avenues that we feel will make you better.

Put your pain behind you and get back to loving your life.

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