Physiotherapy For Auto Accident Injuries in Milton and Burlington

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Our staff works with you, not your insurance company. Our goal is to help you recvoer on your terms. We will continue to fight for your right for full rehabiltation and advocate for treatment for your injuries. If you have been invovled in a recent or older motor vehicle accident please call us, we are here to help. 

One on One Treatment - Real Therapists

No Assistants - No Trainees - No Group Exercise

 Don't settle for less! Many clinics will have you assessed by a physiotherapist and have your care carried out by physiotherapy assistants, kinesiologist or physiotherapists in training. At OMNI, all your session in are one on one with your experienced physiotherapist in Milton or Burlington to ensure maximum results in minimal time. 

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Our team of experts is here to make sure you get the right care and treatment program you need.

We'll help you each step of the way on the road to recovery.

With unmatched quality of treatment, we can use our experience to help you with the immense amount of paperwork needed by insurance companies. Our system is set up to communicate online with all major auto insurers to allow for easy transfer of information, allowing you to focus on getting better.

Direct Insurance Billing

We are fully licensed for direct billing with all major auto insurance companies - Do not feel obligated to go where your insurance company tells you. Choose your clinic, Choose OMNI.

When you've been in an accident, you need a plan to get better quickly and effectively. we take care of everything.

We offer the following services for your recovery:

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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, we can help!

You'll appreciate professionalism at its finest – at OMNI Health and Rehab Clinic, you’re in excellent hands!

FAQ - Motor Vehicle Accidents

MVA Rehab in Milton and Burlington

Q: What types of injuries do you treat following a car accident? A: We specialize in treating a wide range of car accident injuries, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder and joint injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains)

Q: Do I need a doctor's referral? A: In most cases, you do not need a doctor's referral to begin physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment after a car accident. Contact us directly to schedule your assessment.

Q: Will my auto insurance cover treatment? A: Most auto insurance policies in Ontario cover physiotherapy and chiropractic care following a car accident. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies. Our team will assist you in navigating the claims process.

Q: How long does it take to recover from a car accident injury? A: Recovery time varies depending on the severity of your injuries and individual factors. Our goal is to create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve pain relief and optimal recovery as quickly as possible.

Q: What should I expect during my first appointment? A: Your first appointment will involve a thorough assessment to understand your injuries, pain levels, and limitations. Based on this, we'll develop a customized treatment plan that may include physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and rehabilitation exercises.

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