From the earliest days of the genus Homo, running has been an ever-present aspect of the human condition. Multiple studies by anthropologists and evolutionary biologists have actually uncovered a correlation between our physiology and our precursors’ inclination towards persistence hunting; so far, the consensus among experts is that endurance running to successfully pursue prey was a key ingredient in the steady development of the upright modern human form.

While the fruits of the Agricultural Revolution several thousand years ago mean that modern humans have no need to hunt for food by foot anymore, people still run for many other reasons. Chief among these are recreation, health, and therapy. However, as with any activity, running does not come without its share of dangers since the stresses of rapid movement often lead to conditions like foot inversions (supination), as described by Suzanne Robin in an article for LIVESTRONG.COM:



Another risk is overpronation, commonly known as fallen arches. Even though the feet normally experience shocks when running, overpronation occurs if the excessive wear and tear on the impacted muscles, tendons, and joints cause the feet to go flat, hindering movement and long-term posture.

Fortunately, one advantage that we possess over our ancestors is that we do not have to permanently live with the negative effects of these conditions, should we be unlucky enough to experience them. Modern medicine offers the knowledge of trained specialists such as Burlington, Ontario orthotics providers to help with these issues.

Custom orthotic appliances are designed to address multiple foot and ankle ailments by providing support, correcting misalignments, preventing further defects, and improving foot function. As the name implies, these devices are tailored for the unique requirements and physical characteristics of each patient, ensuring effective personalized treatments.

For more serious conditions, Burlington, Ontario massage therapy professionals such as the Omni Health and Rehab Clinic are ready to provide intensive interventions, including chiropractic care and post-injury rehabilitation to help fast-track patients on the path to recovery.

While running and other athletic activities pose certain hazards, there is no reason why enthusiasts should engage in these with fear. Medical advances guarantee that people can always have an improved quality of life even when dealing with physical ailments and injuries.

(Source: Orthotics to Correct Calcaneal Inversion Running, LIVESTRONG.COM).

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