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We are excited to welcome Dr. Stephanie Tabbert to our team! Dr Tabbert has a passion for helping her patients reach their health, fitness, and performance goals. Her approach to care is a blend of her skills and expertise with patient preferences to provide a truly individualized experience. In addition to being an experienced chiropractor, Dr Tabbert is trained in clinical pilates, fascial stretch therapy, and active release technique.  She would be happy to incorporate these techniques into Chiropractic sessions.  Read on to learn more…



Not your traditional Chiropractor: An introduction to Dr Tabbert and what separates her from Chiropractic cliche.

Not all therapists, regardless of profession, are the same. Traditionally Chiropractors have been known for using manipulations, adjustments and that (in)famous ‘crack’ to treat and realign the spine. Often this kind of practice is paired with x-rays, and other digital scanning devices to assist in providing diagnoses (technology does not equal progressive in the case of chiropractic). It’s not rare that each patient receives the same or similar treatment and goes for regular care, often for months to years and even indefinitely. There remain many chiropractors who still practice in this traditional manner.

But I’m not one of them.

I am trained and proudly practice as an evidence-based (modern) Chiropractor. Contrary to traditional chiropractic I diagnose and treat conditions that affect the muscles, joints and nerves throughout the whole body, not just the spine. I don’t treat bones that go out of place or get misaligned (I don’t think that happens except in trauma). I treat sprains, strains, athletic injuries, those ‘I slept funny and now my ____ hurts’ problems, chronic pain, stiffness, and yes back pain too. I’ll never send you for an x-ray for any reason your medical doctor wouldn’t, the tests I do are often the same an orthopaedic doctor would employ (but without the need of a referral or a months-long wait period), and the only ongoing care you’ll get is the kind you decide you want/need to maintain an active lifestyle.

As an evidence-based practitioner, I consider myself an expert on the body, but not your body. While I am up to date in training and research, I rely on my patients to give me feedback on what’s working, where we can improve, and what preferences they have when it comes to their care.  I see each one of my patients as unique and make my treatment plans with this in mind; tailoring what I do to their preferences and needs.

I employ a variety of techniques and strategies to address my patients’ concerns. To help you understand what to expect, here is a list of what I might use during a session… and yes they are all covered under Chiropractic!

Joint mobilizations. Slow repetitive movements aimed to move a joint gently into its full range of motion. Think of it as a joint massage, with the pressure being applied tailored to your tolerance.

Soft Tissue Therapy. I am trained in several techniques to treat muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue. Depending on your preference and how the tissue is responding, I use Active Release Technique (ART), muscle stripping, cross-fibre massage, or stainless steel instruments (Graston technique).

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). Relaxation isn’t usually what comes to mind when you think of Chiropractic. With this technique patient’s get to lie down while I do all the work (don’t worry you’ll get movement ‘homework’ to keep you feeling great long after the appointment is over). FST is a pain-free technique designed to increase your range of motion, decrease pain, and improve performance.

Clinical Pilates and Rehabilitative Exercise. Individual exercises and full programs to get you where you want to be. Be your goals recovery, getting back to activity after some time off, core strength, functional mobility, or sports-specific performance. No experience necessary and all fitness levels welcome. These can be combined with other methods of care, or patients can elect to do pilates/exercise only sessions.

Active Stretching & Mobilization. To get and keep you moving better.

Education and Activity Modification. Helping patients understand their injury, how it happened, how it heals, and small but effective techniques and tweaks to prevent it from happening again! With athletes (and the athletically inclined) this means watching them do sports specific drills and discussing their training plans.

Orthotics & Taping. Because sometimes our bodies need a little support.

Adjustments/manipulations. Yes, I do these too. But it’s not magic. It is a small, quick, purposeful, and well-positioned thrust placed on a joint to improve range of motion and reduce pain. To be clear: if a patient is uncomfortable with this method (or any other) I will not use it.

Bottom Line:

I’m not one for tradition when it comes to my practice. I believe in quality client-centered care, strive to get people better faster, and try my best to give them the tools to prevent future setbacks. If you have a condition or injury that affects a joint, muscle, or nerve, or are looking to improve performance in an activity or sport… I’ve got some skills to help with that.

Hope to see you in the clinic!

Dr. Tabbert is accepting new patients at both our Burlington (Cedar Springs Club) and Milton locations. Please call or email us at info@omniclinic.ca to book.

Burlington – 905-635-5711

Milton – 905-876-8885


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