Understanding Vestibular Problems

Vestibular issues can arise from any area of the complicated vestibular system.

Factors such as injuries (car crashes, falls, etc.), inner ear infections, ageing, drugs, tumours or other brain-related problems, or as symptoms of other diseases/conditions, can cause disorders out of the blue.

Dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness or falls, blurry vision when driving, sensitivity to movement, and nausea or vomiting can be symptoms.

Other complications, such as poor concentration, decreased activity, restriction of movement, reclusiveness, anxiety, and depression may also be developed.

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What to Expect in Vestibular Rehab

A full vestibular rehab assessment takes time and can be expected to include:

- Conversation about the history of your symptoms and their existence
- Screening for more extreme causes of dizziness or unsteadiness 
- Evaluation of eye movements aided by infrared video-analysis
- Testing for motion sensitivity or change of place
- Stationary and moving equilibrium assessmen
- Testing other areas that could be creating your neck problems or high blood pressure. 


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